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There are obviously tons of limousine companies out there. We would like to take a moment to talk about the differences between a limousine aka 'transportation' company and a wine tour company like ourselves

Limo companies typically will charge you by the hour to charter their vehicles. That typically includes a driver who will take you anywhere you want. The driver will generally sit in the car while you are at your destination and wait for your call to come drive up and pick you up to take you to the next place. Not much interaction other than opening and closing a door for you. Not at all saying that is bad just stating the obvious.

Limo companies typically will not have a tour guide that sets up your wine tasting, sets up lunches, gives tours of a facility, serve appetizer platters, etc. They are there to just basically get you from point A to B on time in a nice vehicle. Uber on steroids!


The Temecula Wine Tour Company

Wine Tour Companies may have limousines in their fleet, party buses etc. While they serve as transportation they also do a lot more than just drive you to your destination an dump you off.

We can't speak for all wine tour companies. But some of the things we do differently than just pick you up and drop you off would include

  • Decorating your bus based on the occasion. Example: A bachelorette party. You can see more info on our bachelorette parties by going here. We will spend a long time decorating your vehicle, typically a party bus based on your theme.
  • Serving champagne to your guests in the party bus itself. Our guides will pop open a bottle of some bubbly and pour you a glass while you are on your way to your destination
  • Taking photos for our guests while inside your party bus to save the memories forever
  • Going inside each winery with your group to set up and pre-pay for your wine tasting tickets - which are always included with each tour
  • Taking photos of your guests at each winery and making sure everything runs smoothly inside each winery so that you don't have to worry about it yourself
  • Set up your lunch in a beautiful scenic setting. We will have your lunch set up and ready by the time you arrive at your last winery. No worry about finding a place to sit or set up. We have it handled!

Long story short. We are not just here to drive you to a winery and dump you off while we go sit and read a book in our limo and wait for your call to come pick you up. We go with you and go out of our way to ensure you are shown a one of a kind wine tasting experience that is organized and most of all FUN! We don't charge by the hour. So there is never a worry about going over in time or getting charged extra because we go over by 15 minutes.

If you are looking for a ride to a winery and just do your own thing that is obviously your choice. If you are going to do that might as well just hire Uber

But if you are looking for an experience not just a ride you certainly would want to hire a Temecula Wine Tour company instead of a transportation company to show you around in wine Country!



So you may have seen our Temecula wine tour guides out at the wineries wearing kilts! People often ask us why do we wear them, more often ask us what is under them (LOL)

But the story behind our tour guides and Kilts is pretty simple...

Almost all of our guides happen to be Scottish. We like to have fun and want our guests to have a fun time so most of our tour guides happen to wear kilts! 

What is the correlation between Rockin' Wine Tours and Kilts? To be honest not much! It just kind of happened this way and our guests seem to get a kick out it so we just roll with it!

Our number one goal is to provide a one of a kind memorable experience and have a fun time. 

Wine tasting doesn't have to be uptight it's okay to have fun while visiting our great local Temecula wineries and our guides are there to help show your group the most fun you have ever had wine tasting!



So we get a lot of questions regarding the way we run our tours.

We always say if you are looking for just a ride to wineries go use Uber or take a taxi. You can save a few bucks and get what you want.

However if you are looking for an experience for a special occasion that is where we come in!

We specialize in customized, private, interactive wine tours here in Temeucula

If you are celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, bridal shower, company team building party, or any other occasion let us provide you with a one of a kind experience that your special guest will never forget!

We don't throw you into a random shuttle with a bunch of strangers. All of our tours are private which means the only people that will be in your decorated, personalized, party bus will be the people you came with!

We have interior designers that will decorate the inside of your bus to any theme you would like. Make sure to request you specific theme and we will make it come to life!

Call us 951.294.5560 for more information on all of our our 5 star temecula wine tour packages!


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Our Tour Guides

Our Tour Wine Tour Guides

Here are just a few of our fun and interactive tour guides. You won't see us in the typical limo driver cheap suits or tucked in polo shirts. This is how we roll. We are here to show you a fun time while providing you with a 5 star professional wine tour experience!